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Francie helps you create the event of your dreams.  We offer a variety of planning services to help you conceptualize, style, and create any event with immaculate detail.  Whether you're looking for full service planning, hourly consulting, or day-of coordination, our team at Francie's Traditional Designs is here to help! We pride ourselves in superior attention to detail, organizational excellence, and a great network of vendors and event professionals that is pervasive in each event. 

Our pricing takes into consideration the style, size, location and complexity of your event. During our initial consultation with you, we determine which of our services would best suit your needs. We are then able to prepare a proposal and price structure, based on the information you provide, catered specifically for you and the event you’ve always imagined.


Hiring an Event Planner does not have to break the bank. We also offer hourly consulting. If you’re working on a budget, we can help you save money by recommending preferred vendors and helping you stick to your budget. A few hours of key consultation might save you thousands!


All of our event proposals are completely custom and prepared to fit your unique needs. We use knowledge from getting to know you, based on our initial conversations with you, to gauge the level of support & services you require and put together a proposal that meets those needs. Whether you need hourly consulting to full service event planning we aim to prepare a proposal that fits you! 

Call us today to set up a initial consultation to get started! 

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